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Capture Hi-C

Arima Capture-HiC+

Gain Higher Resolution Across More Samples 

Arima Capture-HiC+ combines the 3C technology of Hi-C with the targeted results of hybridization capture. This targeted next generation sequencing technique uses biotinylated probes to capture, or enrich, regions of interest, saving time and money. Targeting specific regions of the genome focuses results, lowering the barrier to generating high-resolution Hi-C data. 

Capture Hi C Workflow

The Arima Capture-HiC+ platform panel enables researchers to:

  • Understand gene regulatory mechanisms by assigning distal regulatory elements to promoter regions across the genome
  • Identify novel therapeutic, diagnostic or prognostic markers by linking human disease-associated variants to their target genes
  • Generate conformational profiles of specified chromosome loci by targeted enrichment of defined regions 

Benefits and Features:

  • Sample-to-Library in 3 Days | Streamline your workflow by adding the Arima Library Prep and Arima Capture modules to optimized for the Arima-HiC+ platform
  • Flexible Design | Choose between our pre-designed Human or Mouse promoter panels, or design your own
  • Tunable Performance | Enhance resolution across targeted regions with high fold enrichment fewer reads compared to genome-wide Hi-C

Flexible Ordering Options for Promoter, Variant and Region Capture Hi-C

Bundle everything with the Arima Capture-HiC+ complete Kits, which include:

  • Arima HiC+ Kit
  • Arima Capture Module
  • Arima Library Prep Module

or buy these components seaprately and choose from these Capture Modules:

  • 8 rxn Arima Human Promoter Panel
  • 8 rxn Arima Mouse Promoter Panel
  • 16 rxn Arima Custom Capture Panels (Tiers 1–5)