Analyze entire genomes with Whole Genome Sequencing 

To get the highest quality data for DNA Next Generation Sequencing applications, you need a DNA library preparation kit with the highest efficiency adaptor ligation followed by unbiased PCR amplification to produce the most complex libraries possible. With these complex libraries, you will produce sequencing data with uniform coverage depth and minimal zero coverage regions. The NxSeq® DNA Library Kits from our partner Lucigen allow you to build high quality DNA fragment libraries from extremely low DNA input amounts. To generate these high quality libraries, each step of the protocols were optimized to ensure peak performance on Illumina sequencers.

In addition, NGS preparation kits for DNA-seq following genetic screens with pooled CRISPR, RNAi or barcode libraries are provided.

To complete the range of products for next generation sequencing library construction, we offer kits for  purification and size selection of nucleic acid fragments in next generation sequencing workflows, as well as kits for normalization and quantification of DNA Libraries.