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microRNA Quantification by qRT-PCR

QuantiMir Small RNA Quantitation

Get your miRNA ready for qPCR profiling

When you’d like to profile miRNA with qPCR, SBI’s QuantiMir Kit can get your samples ready. By efficiently converting all of your miRNA into cDNA, you can get accurate, sensitive, and quantitative qPCR data on the miRs in your sample. Great for understanding differential miRNA expression, simultaneously profiling siRNA and mRNA, and more.

  • Simple and robust procedure
  • Rapidly and efficiently convert all small RNAs into cDNAs for qPCR
  • Suitable for high-throughput screening of clinical samples
  • Sensitive and accurate
  • Versatile—design your own miRNA assays

Each QuantiMir Kit includes three reference assays - human U6, mouse U6 and human/mouse miR-16. We also offer reference assays as individual 50-assay kits.

How It Works

The QuantiMir Kit enables robust miRNA quantitation through a simple and efficient workflow. Highly efficient poly-A tailing and reverse transcription in a single reaction tube provides uniform cDNA synthesis of miRNAs. The optimized reaction conditions and buffer components maximize cDNA yield when starting with several micrograms down to picograms of input total RNA. The universal 3′ tag sequence incorporated during reverse transcription enables easily scalable and accurate miRNA expression analysis by qPCR - profile thousands of different miRNAs from a single reverse transcription reaction.

  • Tag all small RNAs with a poly-A tail
  • Anneal an oligo-dT adaptor
  • Reverse transcribe to create first-strand cDNA

The result is a cDNA pool of anchor-tailed miRNAs that are ready for qPCR.