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Established in 2008, Logos Biosystems is dedicated to developing advanced imaging solutions. With a growing emphasis on both inter- and intra-lab reproducibility in research, the seemingly simple act of getting accurate cell counts is now more important than ever. The automated cell counters from our partner Logos Biosystems are equipped with high-quality optics and sophisticated image analysis software to bring you cell concentration and viability data with incredible speed, accuracy and reliability. Advanced declustering algorithms distinguish single cells in clusters or clumps. Whether you use disposable precision slides for increased convenience or budget-friendly LUNA reusable slide the Logos Biosystems cell counters deliver accurate and reliable counts every single time.

  • From PBMCs to bacteria - Cell counters are compatible with multiple cell types
  • Customizable protocols - Adjust cell detection parameters to count and detect specific cell types
  • Advanced cluster analysis - Advanced declustering algorithms detect individual cells in clusters
  • Convenient workflow - Just prepare your sample and let our counters do the rest
  • Onboard monitoring - Counted cells are tagged so you can immediately check your results
  • Simple recordkeeping - Data can be printed directly or exported via USB drive