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Precellys Lysing Kits

Precellys Lysing Kits

A comprehensive range of beads and tubes for sample preparation

The Precellys Lysing Kits are dedicated to sample preparation for Precellys Sample Homogenizers. They gather high quality material (glass, ceramic, or stainless steel) and DNse/RNase free certification.

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The grounding materials ihe lysing kits are made of ceramic, glass, stainless steel or garnet, and are fabricated from high-quality materials. This, along with the different tube sizes available (0.3, 0.5, 2, 7 and 15 ml), provides great versatility for tissue homogenization. Over all, Bertin Instruments offers more than 30 different lysing matrices! The variety of Precellys lysing kits means that there is always a suitable solution for the homogenization of human, animal and plant tissues as well as microorganisms. Therefore, optimized homogenization reduces the processing time of the samples and consequently preserves the molecules of interest as much as possible while also ensuring an optimal recovered quantity. Choosing the right lysing kit for the tissue to be ground also limits the heating of the sample.

Kit Contents

The kits contain prefilled tubes with beads. 15ml tubes are delivered as 25-tube packs, other volumes in 50-tube packs. In addition to kits with single tubes we also offer kits for for 96-well plates which contain 1 prefilled plate each. They have to be used with the 96-well plate holder pack V2 for Precellys Evolution.

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* Reinforced Tubes
/P  Protein Safe Kits available


Different types of beads and tubes are available as consumables. The tubes always come with caps.

Protein Safe lysing kits preserve proteins during tissue lysis

During the tissue homogenization, the initial inter- and intracellular compartmentalization is disrupted, releasing the enzymes directly in contact with their substrate. Proteases, which are usually responsible for protein degradation in the homogenized sample, are inhibited in Precellys Protein Safe Lysing Kits. The innovation of Bertin Instruments preserves the proteins in the samples and optimizes protein extraction to analyze them.

Precellys Emulsion Kit

Combined with a Precellys Minilys or Precellys Evolution Homogenizer the Emulsion Kit ensures fast, easy and reproducible high-quality emulsions.