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Precellys Sample Homogenizers

Efficient and Flexible Sample Homogenizers 

Grind any sample prior to analysis

Sample preparation is critical to master molecules extraction from biological samples as soft and hard tissues or materials and bacteria or other microorganisms. Our partner Bertin Instruments offers a full range of efficient & flexible sample homogenizers, accessories and kits for grinding any samples prior to analysis.

Precellys Family

3D Beat-Beating Technology

The Precellys® homogenizers from Bertin Health & Life Sciences use bead-beating technology to homogenize biological samples, such as human, animal or plant tissues, or to lyse micro-organisms. In this way, the biological samples are ground via multi-directional movement (3D bead-beating), the speed of which can reach up to 10,000 rotations per minute, depending on the equipment. Bead-beating is the gold standard method for tissue homogenization compared to standard techniques such as: mortar & pestle, sonication, blender, high pressure homogenizer. It takes just a few dozen seconds to homogenize the samples, which are then ready for an analysis of the molecules of interest (nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites) using different analysis techniques: PCR, sequencing, Western Blot, liquid chromatography, etc. This represents a considerable time saving that simplifies sample preparation protocols.



The Minilys personal sample homogenizer allows to prepare up to three samples at the same time. Its flexibility (0.5, 2 and 7 ml tubes) and its small size make it ideal for laboratories needing conventional sample preparation.

Precellys® 24 Touch

Precellys 24 Touch can accommodate up to 24 biological samples in 2 ml and 0.5 ml tubes simultaneously. This robust appliance has been designed for daily use in laboratories with biological safety level 3.

Precellys® Evolution Touch

The Precellys Evolution Touch homogenizer can accommodate up to 96 samples at the same time with six different tube volumes (from 0.3 ml to 50 ml), and meets the safety standards of laboratories with biological safety level 3. The compatible cooling system Cryolys® Evolution (see below) prevents degradation of your heat-sensitive samples during homogenization. 

Cryolys® Evolution

Cryolys® Evolution is a real extension of the Precellys® Evolution homogenizer. Positioned on the unit's lid, the system is powered and managed directly by the Precellys® Evolution software, offering a complete control of the temperature during samples grinding with a limited bench space.

Cryolys Evolution New Product

Accessories & Warranty Extensions

Lysing Kits

The kits consist of prefilled tubes with beads. Several sizes of tubes are available as well as a variety of beads in different materials and sizes. 

For more details of the complete product line please refer to the Precellys product range brochure.