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Purified Exosomes

Ready-to-Use Purified Exosomes

Accelerate your exosome studies with well-validated exosomes

Fuel your biomarker studies with purified exosomes from human biofluids and human and mouse cell lines. Whether you’re looking for exosome standards, performing functional studies, evaluating biomarkers or engineering exosomes for therapeutic delivery, you can get your research moving faster with our ready-to-use exosomes.

  • Ready to use - no validation required
  • Lot-to-lot QC and validation data provided
  • Fully standardized exosome controls

Supporting Data - Western Blot Analysis

Purified Exosomes Western Blot

Biofluid exosomes contain expected protein markers as shown via Western blot analysis. The amount of protein loaded on each gel is indicated.

Supporting Data - NanoSight Analysis

Purified Exosomes Nanosight

NanoSight analysis of biofluid exosomes show expected size distributions. Concentrations in particles/mL are shown, with the particle size mode reported on each plot.


  • Protein biomarker analysis
  • qPCR for RNA biomarkers
  • High-throughput biomarker discovery (g. mass spec analysis)
  • Electron microscopy
  • Standardized controls for disease studies