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Exosome Release & Transfer

Exosome Release & Transfer Analysis

Illuminate the complexities of EV release, transfer and subpopulation functions with EV-LuminiteTM

Illuminate the world of Extracellular Vesicles with EV-Luminite and unravel the secrets of EV releasing and transferring. Gain unparalleled insights into EV biogenesis, subpopulation EV function, and cellular communication with this cutting-edge luminous quantification tool.

  • Accurate luminous quantification of EV subpopulation at remarkable low concentrations
  • Sensitivity and reliability empowered by nano luciferase technology
  • Easy-to-use stable Lenti-based system
  • Enhanced visibility into EV subpopulation processes and functions
  • Versatile applications including High Content Screening (HCS)
  • Advanced research and therapeutic potential

How it Works

EV- Luminite works by utilizing nano luciferase detection system to quantify the production/secretion of Extracellular Vesicles (EVs), evaluate EV delivery and even tracing the cellular communication of EV.

Figure 2 Bright Up Your Ev Research With Ev Luminite

Target cells are transduced with EV-Luminite lentivirus to generate a EV-Luminite stable cell line from which EVs will be secreted.

EVs are isolated from the supernatant of the stable cell line and can be subsequently:

  • Qualified by nano luciferase assay
  • Delivered to recipient cells to assess EV delivery/uptaken
  • Delivered in mice to study EV dynamic biodistribution

The EV-Luminite stable cell line can be used for any customized high-content screening, such as screening for compound that can increase EV secretion, et al.

EV-Luminite Constructs

Figure 1 Ev Luminite Constructs

Nluc enzyme was cloned into CD9, CD63, or CD81 encoding lenti construct at the N-terminal position with either puromycin or blasticidin resistant. Middle: Scheme of the topology of a tetraspanin (CD9, CD63, or CD81) with N-terminal Nluc-tag. 

EV-Luminite constructs are available as expression lentivectors, prepacked lentiviruses and EV secreting stable cell lines. In addition, as the most time-saving option, we offer purified exosomes from EV-Luminite stable cell lines.

Accurate and Sensitive Quantification of EVs


Ev Luminite Nlucvsparticlenumber

EV-Luminite allows accurate and sensitive quantification of EV. EV from Nluc-CD63 EV-Luminite stable cell line was isolated using ExoQuick-TC. A) EV samples with different protein amount were used for measuring the nano luciferase activity by Nano-Glo Luciferase Assay. B) EV samples with series dilution were used for measuring the nano luciferase activity by Nano-Glo Luciferase Assay and particle number by NTA. Nano luciferase activity shows nice correlation with EV protein amount and particle number.