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Modified Designer Nucleosomes (dNucs)

Modified Designer Nucleosomes (dNucs)

dNuc substrates enable cutting-edge chromatin research

EpiCypher dNucs™ are semi-synthetic recombinant nucleosomes, containing one (or more) histone PTMs. Nucleosomes are the natural target of chromatin readers and modifying enzymes, and thus provide a superior substrate for epigenetic enzymes and interactor proteins.

These reagents represent a powerful new technology - critical in understanding chromatin biology and for the development of novel drug targets and precision therapeutics. Of the two currently used synthetic methods, native chemical ligation (NCL) yields superior nucleosome preparations compared to methyllysine analog (MLA). Whereas MLA attempts to mimic the native methyllysine, NCL allows for incorporation of the actual PTM and is not limited to methyllysine.

dNucs are available with the following PTMs

K methyl (me1 / me2 / me3)
R methyl (me1 / me2a / me2s)
K acyl (ac / bu / cr)
S phos (H3 S10phos)
Citrulline (H3 Cit2,8,18)
K ubiquityl (H2A ub)

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