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Methyl DNA Designer Nucleosomes

Methyl DNA Designer Nucleosomes

Three ways to use MeDNA dNucs to explore chromatin function

  • Study impact of MeDNA dNucs on chromatin modifying enzymes
  • Use MeDNA dNucs as substrates to identify methylation-sensitive inhibitors
  • Apply to high-throughput screening

Methyl Dna Designer Nucleosomes

DNA methylation is one of the most well-studied epigenetic modifications, and has known roles in regulating gene expression and genomic stability. EpiCypher methyl DNA designer nucleosomes (MeDNA dNucs) are unmodified nucleosomes wrapped with unmethylated or hemi-methylated DNA, and are the optimal substrates for interrogating the function of DNA methylation on the binding activity of chromatin-associated proteins or inhibitors.