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EpiDyne Chromatin Remodeling Substrates

Recombinant Nucleosomes as Substrates for Chromatin Remodeling Assays

HTS-compatible nucleosome remodeling assays for drug discovery research

Study ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes using EpiDyne® substrates:

  • Inhibitor screening and development
  • Structure-Activity relationship assays
  • Biochemical profiling of ATPase family proteins

Chromatin remodeling regulates DNA access on chromatin and thus impacts gene expression and genome repair. Many ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling enzymes are associated with human disease but are challenging targets to study biochemically due to the requirement for nucleosome-based substrates. EpiCypher has addressed this need by developing EpiDyne, a family of recombinant nucleosome substrates to monitor chromatin remodeling activity in vitro.

Epidyne Nuc Remodeling 400

EpiDyne substrates are available for three assay readouts

EpiDyne-based assays can be used to target SWI/SNF family ATPase complexes (e.g. SMARCA2 or SMARCA4), which are highly associated with numerous types of cancer, when mutated or disregulated.

Epidyne Cancer Genes Sh 700
More Details can be found in the Epidyne Bochure and the Epidyne Remodeling Flyer.