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dCypher Nucleosome Panels

dCypher™ Nucleosome Panels

dCypher™ Nucleosome Panels provide unprecedented access to epigenetic diversity in a physiologically relevant nucleosome context

  • Unique mononucleosomes assembled from recombinant human histones
  • Broad end-user applications
  • Biotinylated 601 nucleosome positioning sequence
  • With histone post-translational modifications (PTMs)
  • Lack of free DNA
  • Rigorous quality control

Dcypher Panels

Each panel contains single and combinatorially-modified nucleosomes, and can be purchased as focused sets (Lysine Acylation, Arginine Methylation and the Lysine-Methylation / Oncostat panels) or as one large panel (Full Nucleosome Panel). The biotin group on the DNA facilitates pull-down experiments. EpiCypher mononucleosomes do not contain free DNA which could alter assayed activities.

All nucleosomes in the panel are subjected to EpiCypher’s rigorous quality control metrics, including: ESI-TOF mass spectrometry analysis of the modified proteins; SDS-PAGE to confirm octamer composition and purity; native PAGE to confirm nucleosome assembly and lack of free DNA; and Western blot analysis of the PTM or histone mutation (if applicable).

Three ways to leverage dCypher Nucleosome Panel diversity