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About our cDNA & ORF Clone Resources

Our search engine is based on the extensive clone collections of our partners GeneCopoeia, transOMIC and OriGene, the most renowned resources of full-length cDNA & ORF Clones.

GeneCopoeia ORF Clones New!

Researchers worldwide rely on GeneCopoeia OmicsLink™ cDNA clones to accelerate their research. One unique feature of the GeneCopoeia ORF clone collection is the availability of a vast number of different vectors and tags to fully match your needs for expression and detection of your gene of interest.

All clones come as expression-ready purified DNA but are available in other formats upon request.

transOMIC cDNA Clones Special

transOMIC provides MGC premier cDNA Clones and MGC premier Expression-Ready cDNA Clones, both derived from the MGC Collection and covering the human, mouse, rat, bovine, Xenopus and zebrafish genomes.

All transOMIC clones are provided as glycerol stocks.

OriGene cDNA Clones

OriGene's TrueClone cDNA and TrueORF ORF collections contain many rare and hard-to-obtain clones found nowhere else, e.g. certain transcript variants, difficult-to-clone genes, and many others.

All clones come as expression-ready purified DNA.

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