cDNA & ORF Clones

cDNA & ORF Clone Collections

Extensive premade cDNA and ORF clone collections from all model organisms facilitating your cloning and protein expression work

• Ready-to-use premade clones
• No more tedious screening, cloning or gene synthesis
• Most complete full-length cDNA and ORF clone collection including Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC)

The cDNA clones are offered as complete collections, individual plates or individual clones from all model organisms.

An extensive collection of full-ORF clones for human proteins, so-called ORFeome Collaboration Clones, has been generated by transferring existing MGC full-ORF human cDNA clones into Gateway® entry vectors. The clones are full-length validated and offered with or without stop codon to enable the generation of fusion proteins.