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Retrovirus Technology

Retrovirus-based Gene Expression

Stable gene expression in dividing, mitotically active cells

Traditional retroviral vectors are based on the Moloney murine leukemia virus (MMLV). These vectors are useful for integrating genetic material into the host cell genome. However, retroviral titer tends to be significantly lower than adenoviral titer, and this can lead to a lower efficiency of gene transfer to the host cell.

Our retroviral expression reagents include exclusive technologies that can increase the success rate of your retrovirus expression studies. These technologies comprise highly efficient retroviral packaging cell lines, retroviral quantitation kits, and a reagent kit that can significantly increase the transduction rate of your retroviral vector into a variety of cell types.

Platinum Retroviral Expression Complete Systems

The Platinum Retroviral Expression Systems developed by Cell Biolabs have been optimized to produce retroviruses with higher titers for superior infection of a variety of cell types. These complete expression systems contain a packaging cell, a cloning/expression vector, and a GFP reporter plasmid. The Pantropic Expression Systems also include a VSVG envelope vector.

Average titers achieved with Platinum Retroviral Expression Systems are 10^7 IFU/mL with transient transfection. Systems are available to make amphotropic, ecotropic, or pantropic (VSVG-pseudotyped) retrovirus, each of which are designed to infect cells of certain species.

Platinum Retroviral Expression Sytems