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Adenovirus Technology

Adenovirus-based Gene Expression

High-level transient protein expression

Recombinant adenovirus is one of the most efficient gene delivery vehicles for both in vitro and in vivo protein expression due to the high infection efficiency and subsequent yield of recombinant protein. Adenoviruses can infect a broad range of cells, including dividing and non-dividing cells, stem cells and primary cells, and are particularly useful for infecting cell lines that have low transfection efficiency with liposome based methods.

Adenoviruses do not integrate their genome into the host system and therefore do not risk activating or inactivating host genes. Expression of the recombinant protein of interest is detectable within 24 hours post infection and is transient in nature. The expression will persist as long as the viral genome is not degraded, which is around 1-2 weeks depending on the cell type. Longer expression can be observed in slow dividing cells such as neurons.

We offer innovative technologies to make your adenoviral studies simpler and more successful. The kits provided take you from adenovirus packaging through purification and quantitation all the way through the infection of your target cell.