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Adeno-associated Virus Technology

AAV-based Gene Expression

High-level transient protein expression with low immunogenicity

Recombinant adeno-assoaciated virus (AAV) vectors are a popular go-to gene expression system for gene therapy development and gene editing in vivo because of their broad tropism, lack of associated disease, the ability to transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells, and long-term transgene expression.
AAV expression systems are extremely useful tools for inserting genes into a wide range of cell types independent of active cell division. The immunogenic response is minimal for highly purified viruses and they lack random integration into the host genome.

We offer a range of kits to ensure the best gene expression with your AAV vectors:
The AAV Helper Free System produces recombinant AAV without the need for a helper virus. AAV Helper Free technology is available in a variety of complete expression systems, packaging systems and expression vectors for AAV serotypes 1 through 6 and the unique AAV-DJ and AAV-DJ/8. Our AAV Purification Kits provide a simple method to produce AAV virus with >95% purity. The AAV Quantitation Kits allow you to quickly and easily quantify the nucleic acid content of your purified or unpurified AAV supernatant. AAV Transduction Kits increase the efficiency of host cell infection to ensure maximum expression.

AAV Serotypes

The intensity of gene expression and tissue tropism depends highly on the AAV serotype used in different tissues. Different serotypes differ mainly in the surface protein (capsid). Carefully choosing the serotype enables robust gene expression in specific tissues with minimal immune response. The table below gives an overview of the different serotypes.

Aav Serotypes

Viral Gene Delivery using the AAV Helper Free System

Aav Helper Free System