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shRNA Target Sets

shRNA Target Sets

When selecting your knockdown sets you have the choice between two highly developed knockdown systems.

The new shERWOOD-UltramiR shRNA Sets are designed using the proprietary shERWOOD algorithm developed and validated in Dr. Gregory Hannon's laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. An alternate microRNA scaffold "UltramiR" has been optimized for increased shRNA processing and potency based on new information on the key determinants for primary microRNA processing.

The well-known HuSH-29 hairpin expression constructs are characterized by improved efficacy and lowest interferon response. OriGene uses a proven 29-mer short hairpin design, which has been demonstrated to be more effective than conventional 21-mer versions. Steps have been taken to continually improve and optimize the algorithm used in sequence selection for HuSH-29 shRNA products.

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