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Molecular Beacons

Molecular Beacons

Molecular Beacons - Labeled with Black Hole Quenchers or DABCYL Dye

Molecular Beacons are a type dual-labeled FRET probes incorporating a quencher and a fluorophore reporter molecule. They differ from traditional dual-labeled probes, due to the incorporation of a short (~5 b.p.) complementary stem sequence at the 3' and 5' ends.

These complementary sequences hybridize to form a “stem-loop” structure which holds the reporter and quencher close together in space. 

Molecular Beacons Struktur

Just like standard Dual-labeled BHQ™ probes it is possible to multiplex assays using Molecular Beacons. Multiplexing allows for the detection of several targets simultaneously using multiple spectrally resolved fluorescent probes.

Molecular Beacons are sold under license from the Public Health Research Institute, Newark, NJ.  For information on designing Molecular Beacons please refer to The Public Health Research Institute's Molecular Beacons website.