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BHQplus Probes

BHQplus Probes

Advanced Technology for qPCR and SNP Genotyping

The BHQplus™ Probe is a novel compact probe for qPCR, modified with a duplex stabilising technology and terminated with LGC Biosearch Technologies’ Black Hole Quencher™ dye. What differentiates the BHQplus Probe from other traditional probes is that it permits the design of shorter oligonucleotides, typically 15-25 bases in length, for detecting more difficult target sequences. The enhanced specificity of BHQplus Probes make them perfect for genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms.

Bhqplus Probes

BHQplus Probes are offered in two convenient deliveries. For BHQplus Probes and primers delivered in individual tubes select just “BHQplus Probes”, however if you would like the probes and primers blended into a single tube select “BHQplus SNP Probe Pair w/ Primers, Mixed”.