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ELISA Testing Services

ELISA Testing Services

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ELISAs are enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays designed for the quick detection and quantitation of target proteins, antibodies, and other soluble targets of interest. RayBiotech's objective is to manufacture a diverse selection of high quality ELISA kits to serve a broad range of research interests. The target protein selection includes a wide variety of soluble proteins (cytokines, growth factors, signaling molecules), as well as transcription factors and post-translational modifications. The company strives for species diversity as well, with 17 target species including rabbit, dog and zebrafish.

The complete range of ELISAs used in this services are manufactured by RayBiotech itself. The portfolio can be further completed by custom arrays. With a team of highly experienced scientists in a GLP-compliant laboratory, RayBiotech’s service department provides you with data of the highest accuracy and reproducibility. 

 Available ELISA Types

  • Sandwich ELISA for quantitative protein detection
  • Indirect ELISA for detection of antibody response to pathogens
  • Phosphorylation ELISA for semi-quantitative, sandwich-based detection of phosphorylated proteins in lysates
  • IQELISA (Immuno-PCR) for ultrasensitive, low sample consumption, immuno-quantitative detection
  • Competitive ELISA (EIA) for quantitative, competition-based detection of soluble factors
  • Cell-based ELISA for semi-quantitative, direct detection of phosphorylated proteins in adherent cell lines
  • Transcription Factor Activity Assays for semi-quantitative, direct (transcription factor-DNA complex) detection of transcription factor activation
  • Binding Assays for semi-quantitative, competition-based inhibitor screening