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Custom Cell Line Engineering by Cellecta

Custom Cell Line Engineering Services

Take advantage of custom engineered cell lines from experts

Pick the cells and modifications you want and let Cellecta do the work. Since CRISPR mediated engineering is so versatile and powerfull Cellecta is very much focused on these techniques. But they also have many years of experience with a range of other technologies for cell engineering. The approach for each project can vary depending on what cell engineering is required. Choose from a large variety of services.

CRISPR Cell Lines

  • Stable CRISPR Knockout Cell Lines
  • CRISPR Knock-in Cell Lines
  • Stable Cas9 Expression Cell Pools


Ko Cellline Generation A Validation

Knockout Cell Pool and Clonal Cell Line Generation and Validation


The delivered cell lines can be used for the following applications:

  • Knockout or knockdown a gene in your choice of cell line
  • Zero-footprint CRISPR knockout using non-integrated sgRNA and Cas9
  • Inducible gene activation and inhibition with CRISPRa and CRISPRi
  • Knock-in genes or gene-tags

CRISPR cell engineering also requires one of the various Cas9 proteins--either Cas9 nuclease for CRISPR knockout, or a dCas9 activator or repressor complex for CRISPRa and CRISPRi variations. Cellecta will generate and engineer stably expressing Cas9 or dCas9 cell lines with the following features:

  • Your cell model engineered to stably express Cas9, dCas9-activator, or dCas9-repressor
  • Activity of Cas9 or dCas9-variant confirmed with Cellecta's CRISPR-Test Assay
  • Various selection markers available for the Cas9 insert


Other engineered Cell Lines

  • Stable shRNA Knockdown Cell Lines
  • Stable Transcriptional Reporter Cell Pools
  • Stable Recombinant Protein Expression Cell Pools
  • Stable Tet-Off  (tTA) Cells