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AdvancedSeq Sanger Sequencing Reagents

BioCat offers very economic and reliable key reagents and components for all important steps in the Sanger sequencing workflow, including SupreDye cycle sequencing kits, PwrPOP polymers and capillary regeneration kits, and continues to provide reagents for Applied Biosystems 3130 /  3130 XL Genetic Analyzers.

PwrPOP Polymers

PwrPOP polymers are high-quality CE polymers compatible with ABI instruments and buffers. They can be used as reliable alternatives to POP-4, POP-6 and POP-7 polymers, respectively, as separation matrices for DNA sequencing and fragment analysis. PwrPOP polymers work well together with sequencing reaction samples using BigDye and SupreDye chemistries.

10x Running Buffer

The ADS 10x Sequencing Running Buffer is optimized for capillary electrophoresis on various ABI Genetic Analyzers, such as 310, 3100, 3130 series, and 3730 series.

Capillary Regeneration

For sustaining high-quality sequencing, the ADS Capillary Regeneration Kits clean the capillary array and restore its performance for generating long sequencing read length and for lowering noise and background.

SupreDye Cycle Sequencing Kits

The ADS SupreDye Cycle Sequencing Kits are a powerful and highly economic alternative to BigDye Terminator v1.1 or v3.1 Cycling Sequencing Kits with proven performance.  These kits are formulated to deliver increased robustness, even peak heights, and long read lengths.

More Sanger Sequencing Reagents

Sanger Sequencing Workflow

Dideoxy chain-termination Sanger sequencing has been used in the past 40 years as a gold standard for gene mutation analysis, de novo sequencing, resequencing, confirmation of next-generation sequencing (NGS), and gap filling for NGS. As a mature technology, Sanger sequencing will continue to play an important role in the DNA sequencing field.

The experimental workflow for Sanger sequencing includes:

Sanger Sequencing Workflow