Quantibody Human Inflammation Array 1 (10 antibodies) Add to Cart

Cat#: QAH-INF-1-1-RB
Quantity: 8 Sample Kit
Price: 488 €  
390.40 € - valid until 31 March 2021
Supplier: RayBiotech
Shipping: Blue Ice
Sample Type: Serum/Plasma/Cell Culture Supernatants/Cell Lysates/Tissue Lysates/Other Body Fluids

Analysis Tool - Simple Copy & Paste of Spot Intensities

All RayBio antibody array kits are supported by a free Excel-based analysis tool particular to each array for the automatic computation of the extracted numerical data obtained from the array image. Features include automated sorting and averaging, background subtraction, normalization, data plotting as well as advanced computations for quantitative arrays.

Please contact us for more information.

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Quantibody Arrays

Simultaneously quantify up to 1,000 cytokines using glass-based antibody arrays

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