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DriverMap™ Targeted Expression Profiling Service


• High-Throughput Capabilities:
Enables expression profiling data of all human genes in a single-tube reaction.

• Exquisite Sensitivity, Specificity & Reproducibility:
Allows low abundance transcripts to be identified to facilitate biomarker discovery with zero background.

• Large Dynamic Range:
Makes characterization of all major immune cell types, and detection of infiltrating immune cells possible.

• Advantages over RNAseq:
Significantly lower input material needed, much faster turn-around time, 10 x lower sequencing costs, no need for tedious bioinformatics analyses

Assay Methodology:

Cellecta’s DriverMap™ service is a novel, comprehensive end-to-end, whole-genome targeted expression profiling solution intended for research applications. This quantitative, multiplex approach leverages the power of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) and PCR technologies to allow the researcher to obtain ultra-sensitive digital expression profiling data for all protein coding genes in the human genome.

For a sample report see link below.

As starting material you ideally provide 10 - 100 ng Total RNA. We also accept lower amounts as well as frozen tissue samples, tumor specimens, patient derived xenografts, blood etc. - please contact us for a quotation.

The DriverMap methodology is also available as a kit for using it in your own lab. See link below.

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Please contact us for a quotation
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