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Cat#: 57200-NB
Quantity: 48 rxns
Price: 332 €
Supplier: Norgen
Shipping: Dry Ice
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• Quantify DNA of a wide spectrum of concentrations
• Compatible with any Real-Time PCR system
• Accurate quantification of DNA with the provided DNA Standard

Norgen’s Low Abundance DNA Quantification Kit offers a PCR-based detection procedure to quantify DNA of a wide spectrum of concentrations, including the lower ng per µl, pg per µl and sub-pg per µl range. The kit consists of a specially designed primer mix, that is used in conjunction with the provided 2x PCR Master Mix, to amplify human DNA from different types of inputs (such as various liquid biopsies). The kit is compatible with any Real-Time PCR system with the addition of fluorescent nucleic acid stains such as SYBR Green. The unknown DNA is accurately quantified by using a standard curve constructed from the provided DNA Standard.

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