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Fluorophores and Quenchers

Fluorophores and Quenchers

Biosearch Technologies Dyes for Real Time PCR

CAL Fluor and Quasar dyes from Biosearch are performance-optimized dyes for multiplex real-time quantitative PCR. Having emission maxima ranging from 540 nm to 705 nm, these dyes are a high performing, low cost alternative for fluorophores commonly used on real-time thermocyclers (such as TET, JOE, VIC, HEX, Texas Red, Cy3, Cy5, and Cy5.5). Coupled with Biosearch‘s Black Hole Quencher (BHQ) dark quenchers you now can utilize the full potential of your qPCR thermocycler. 

Please use our qPCR Probe & Primer Synthesis Service for the generation of custom qPCR probes with CAL Fluor or Quasar dyes coupled with BHQ tailored for your application.

For available fluorophores and suitable quenchers please check the  Fluorophore and BHQ Selection Chart.

Calibration and Passive Reference Dyes for Real -Time PCR Instruments

In order to successfully use dual-labeled probes containing CAL Fluor® and/or Quasar® dyes in real-time, quantitative PCR (qPCR) multiplexed assays, certain real-time PCR instruments must first be calibrated with Calibration Dyes to recognize the pure dye spectra. Although unnecessary for simple singleplex amplifications, spectral calibration is critical for multiplexed assays so that overlapping fluorescent signals can be resolved from one another.

SuperROX is for use only in machines requiring a passive reference dye and with optics capable of resolving the ROX fluorophore (Abs Max 585 nm / Em Max 606 nm).