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Direct qPCR & RT-qPCR

Liquid Biopsy Direct qPCR Master Mixes

Oncology testing of crude blood, urine and stool samples

Liquid biopsy collects samples such as blood, urine, saliva and stool and is significantly less intrusive than surgical biopsy. It provides access to cell-free DNA (cfDNA), enabling early detection of cancer cells (before a tumour develops) and together with RNA detects non-shedding cancers. Liquid biopsies provide an easier and safer mode to monitoring disease recurrence, therapeutic selection and effectiveness.

  • qPCR mixes designed for direct amplification from crude samples eliminate DNA/RNA extraction
  • Innovative chemistries offer ultra-sensitive detection of cfDNA, ctDNA and ctRNA

Lyo-Ready & Air-Dryable qPCR Master Mixes

Molecular diagnostic tests are progressively moving towards lyophilized and air-dried formats. Lyo-Ready and Air-Dryable qPCR master mixes are 4x concentrated, glycerol-free and contain specialized excipients that are compatible with lyophilization or air-drying to create ambient-temperature stable assays, or they can be used as a wet mix. They are highly inhibitor-tolerant and ultra-sensitive making them ideal for point-of-care or machine-automated multiplexing assays. As ready-to-use mixes, they require no further optimization besides the addition of primers and probes. 

Direct DNA Detection from Plant Lysates

The Air-Dryable Direct DNA qPCR Plant master mix is designed for the development of ambient temperature qPCR assays for direct detection of plant DNA from crude lysates without extraction.