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Ladders & Markers

Ladders & Markers

DNA and RNA Electrophoresis Standards you can rely on

BioCat offers a wide range of molecular weight markers with loading buffer in a single tube, enabling accurate DNA & RNA sizing. Optionally some ladders can also be used for mass determination of DNA.

DNA Ladders & Markers

Norgen’s DNA ladders are prepared to ensure quality and batch-to-batch consistency. The ladders are ready-to-use and highly stable. Each ladder is precise, with discrete bands and higher intensity reference bands for ease of use.

Meridian's HyperLadders all include one, two or three higher-intensity reference bands for easy identification and orientation. The ready-to-use format minimizes the time spent thawing, diluting and adding tracking dye to the DNA ladder. Simply transfer the ladder from the vial to the gel. An additional 5x Sample Loading Buffer is supplied for your convenience.

EasyLadders contain all the features of the HyperLadder range, but are designed for short runs (1 to 3 cm) in standard or high-throughput agarose gels, providing a fast way to determine the size of DNA fragments.

More DNA ladders can be offered from other partners, e.g. ABM.

RNA Ladders

Norgen’s RNA Ladders are a set of RNA transcripts derived from recombinant DNA templates. The ladders are suitable for precise sizing of a wide range of RNA molecules using native or denaturing agarose gels, and can be easily visualized under UV.

Internal Lane Standards

Norgen's Internal Lane Standards allow precise size and mass determination in various fluorescence-detection instruments including different models of Applied Biosystems® PRISM® and Genetic Analyzers