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Isothermal Amplification

Isothermal Amplification

Mastermixes for Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP and RT-LAMP)

Isothermal amplification is a low-cost and rapid method for detecting low amounts of DNA or RNA. This technique eliminates the need for a thermal cycler and is increasingly used in rugged field or point of care settings for the rapid diagnosis of plant pathogens or infectious disease agents.

LavaLAMP Master Mixes contain DNA/RNA Positive Control, DNA/RNA Positive Control Primer Mix, and Green Fluorescent Dye. For LavaLAMP DNA and RNA Component Kits or separate DNA polymerases with high strand displacement activity please refer to page Isothermal Amplification Enzymes and Kits.

We also offer Air-Dryable and Lyo-Ready LAMP Mastermixes which are ready-to-use and 4x concentrated. The Air-Dryable™ technology can be used in a liquid format or oven-dried to create an ambient-temperature stable assay. The same can be achieved with Lyo-Ready master mixes which are optimized for freeze-drying due to their formulation with lyo-excipients, making them ideal for POC blood testing. They can also be used wet.