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1-Step probe-based RT-qPCR

1-Step probe-based RT-qPCR Kits

Rapid, sensitive and precise qPCR detection and quantitation of target RNA targets with mutiplexing option

1-Step probe-based RT-qPCR Systems enable detection and relative quantification of RNA expression levels using a one-step real-time RT-qPCR method, combining  Reverse Transcriptase and Taq qPCR Master Mix in a single reaction well.

The Probe-based qPCR approach allows multiple targets to be quantified in a single reaction (multiplexing) by using a unique fluorescent dye for each amplicon-specific probe.

SensiFAST Probe One-Step Kits

The SensiFAST™ Probe One-Step Kits use a combination of the latest advances in buffer chemistry and enhancers, together with an antibody-mediated hot-start DNA polymerase system, to ensure fast, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive one-step RT-qPCR. This also gives SensiFAST Probe One-Step unbeatable efficiency in multiplexing.

To find the optimal SensiFAST kit for your real-time PCR instrument and application, you can also use this Real-Time PCR Selection Chart.