A Drug Screening Expert

BioCat's valued partner TargetMol has evolved into one of the most reputated suppliers of small molecules for drug discovery and screening. TargetMol's portfolio comprises over 5,000 compounds (inhibitors, activators, APIs, natural compounds ) and more than 100 different premade compound libraries, inclding FDA-approved libraries.

Main areas for the use of TargetMol's libraries and single compounds include:

  • Drug screening - drug design and virtual screening, target validation, model establishment, high-throughput screening, structure optimization
  • Pharmacological research - in vivo and in vitro testing of compounds to identify new uses for known drugs
  • Signaling pathways - stem cell research, epigenetics, PTK, GPCR and MAPK signaling
  • Cell research - pluripotent stem cell induction, cell inflammation, oncology

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