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SomaGenics, Inc. founded in 1997 specializes in developing novel RNA-centered approaches to address unmet life science research and medical needs. Their core competencies include RNA molecules as therapeutic agents, drug targets and biomarkers as well as RNA analysis tools like RealSeq small RNA NGS Library Kits and miR-ID qRT-PCR Assays, see below. SomaGenics has a proven track record of original research and publication as well as applied development.

RealSeq® technology for small RNA sequencing library preparation

RealSeq®: Accuracy through circularization

RealSeq® is a novel method for preparing small-RNA sequencing libraries that nearly eliminates incorporation bias in Next-Generation-Sequencing (NSG). This technology solves the problem of commonly used sequencing library preparations that lead to under-detection of many miRNAs, some by as much as 10,000-fold.

Under-representation in sequencing libraries can obscure the presence of some RNAs, including potential biomarkers. Accurate quantification of microRNAs (miRNA) and other small RNAs is important for understanding their biology and for developing new biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

Most bias stems from sequence-dependent variability in the enzymatic ligation reactions that attach the two adapters to the 3’ and 5’ ends of the miRNAs /small RNAs during preparation of sequencing libraries. By using a novel single adapter and circularization, RealSeq® greatly reduces library preparation bias.

Barberán-Soler S et al. (2018) Decreasing miRNA sequencing bias using a single adapter and circularization approach. Genome Biology 19:105.

RealSeq Technology

RealSeq® Technology Workflow

miR-ID®/miR-Direct® - real-time quantitative PCR

miR-ID®: Accuracy through circularization

miR-ID® is a novel platform for detecting miRNA using a circularization-based RT-qPCR method. This technology allows SNP discrimination at any position in miRNAs and other small RNAs. miR-ID® is highly sensitive and uses affordable single-dye detection. The technology works well with all sample sources, including total RNA, cell lysates, and tissue lysates.

miR-Direct® : miR-ID® - powered miRNA quantification directly from serum or plasma

SomaGenics' miR-Direct® method overcomes commonly encountered problems of inconsistent RNA recovery, PCR inhibition by sample stabilizers, and weak signals caused by low RNA abundance in biofluids. miR-Direct®- based miRNA capture is followed by miR-ID® quantification. Accurate quantification of microRNAs (miRNAs) from biofluids is crucial to realizing their potential as potential biomarkers.

Kumar P et al. (2011) miR-ID: A novel, circularization-based platform for detection of microRNAs. RNA 17:365.

miR-ID Technology

miR-ID® Technology Workflow

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