Small RNA Detection & Quantification

BioCat's partner SomaGenics is a privately held company with offices and laboratories located in Santa Cruz, California, and specialized in developing novel RNA-centered approaches to address unmet life science research and medical needs.

SomaGenics’ core competencies include RNA molecules as therapeutic agents, drug targets and biomarkers as well as RNA analysis tools like miR-ID RT-qPCR Assays. The SomaGenics team has an impressive track record of original research and publication as well as applied development.

miR-ID RT-qPCR Assays use a circularization-based RT-qPCR method for quantifying microRNAs. This technology allows SNP discrimination at any position in microRNAs and other small RNAs. miR-ID is highly sensitive and uses affordable single-dye detection. The technology works well with all sample sources, including total RNA, cell lysates, and tissue lysates.

miR-Direct RT-qPCR Assays allow the accurate quantification of microRNAs from biofluids.

Products / Services / Applications

    1. miR-ID & miR-Direct RT-qPCR Assays