RealSeq Biosciences

Where Efficiency Meets Accuracy

BioCat's partner RealSeq Biosciences Inc., a privately held biotech company located in Santa Cruz, California specializes in developing innovative technologies for biomarker discovery, liquid biopsy and single cell analysis in the fields of cancer and infectious diseases.

Founded by Sergio-Barberan-Soler, Ph.D. in 2019, the RealSeq Biosciences’ core technologies originate with Dr. Barberan-Soler’s NIH (NHGRI) SBIR-funded research in the areas of novel small RNA NGS library construction technologies and single cell analysis. 

RealSeq is a single adapter- and circularization-based technology for preparing small RNA sequencing libraries that nearly eliminates incorporation bias in next generation sequencing (NGS). This technology solves the problem of commonly used sequencing library preparations that lead to under-detection of many microRNAs, some by as much as 10,000-fold. Accurate quantification of microRNAs and other small RNAs is crucial for understanding their biology and for developing new biomarkers and therapeutic targets.

The  RealSeq® small RNA sequencing products include RealSeq®-AC for small RNA analysis from tissues and cells and RealSeq®-biofluids for small RNA analysis directly from biofluid samples, corresponding indeces and size selection beads.

The portfolio is furthermore complemented by a state-of-the-art NGS services for small RNAs. 

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