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A Leader in Primary Antibody Development

BioCat's partner ProSci is a privately-held biotechnology firm located in San Diego, USA. As a leader in its field, ProSci's priority is to provide the highest quality monoclonal, polyclonal, and single domain antibodies and antibody services in the industry.

ProSci began by developing and marketing antibodies against novel targets, including apoptosis molecules and HIV co-receptors, and expanded its antibody product lines to signal transduction, cancer, neurology, obesity, infectious diseases and immuno-oncology. During its two decades, ProSci established efficient capabilities to develop diverse antibody lines, including affinity-purified polyclonal antibodies, hybridoma lines, and recombinant antibodies. ProSci has established an extensive antibody validation program to provide specific and reproducible products to the antibody market.

Thanks to years of painstaking antibody research, ProSci has created an impressive primary antibody catalog of over 30,000 research-ready primary antibodies for a wide range of clinical applications. Many of the polyclonal research antibodies offered are affinity-purified, which allows for the isolation of antibodies specific to the epitope of interest. As a result, they have the same specificity as monoclonal antibodies.

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