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The Tissue Array Company

BioCat's partner Pantomics is a tissue array company founded in 2004. The company manufactures and provides animal and human tissue arrays for use in research, routine IHC/ISH control and education.

Pantomics has aimed at producing the highest standard tissue arrays for RNA and protein analyses by:

  • A strong scientific advisory board consisting of individuals with extensive experience in pathology diagnostics, teaching and research
  • A dedicated tissue acquisition and processing center
  • A work force of well trained technicians, scientists and pathologists

Pantomics has built up a large number of optimally processed tissues with comprehensive accompanying data including age, sex, diagnosis and appropriate grading/staging. This rich repository enables Pantomics to produce tissue arrays covering a wide range of normal, reactive, pre-malignant and malignant conditions.

Products / Services / Applications

    1. Paraffin Tissue Microarrays
    2. Paraffin Tissue Section Slides