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OriGene Technologies

OriGene has developed genome-wide research tools and technology platforms to study complete biological pathways, facilitating a better understanding of disease mechanisms.

The OriGene products perfectly complement the BioCat portfolio with their comprehensive concept for functional genomics and proteomics. Flagship products are cDNA and ORF clone collections with genome-wide coverage for human, mouse and rat genes, the largest offering of full-length human proteins expressed in human cells and the TrueMAB project, which was initiated to develop mouse monoclonal antibodies against native protein antigens with the goal to enable functional protein assays for every human protein.

OriGene Recombinant Proteins

Just use the search box below to type the first letters of your desired protein and browse >12,000 OriGene proteins. To browse our full list of proteins please go to the Recombinant Proteins page.

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Overview of complete recombinant proteins portfolio