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LGC Lucigen

Simplifying Genomics

BioCat's valued and longstanding partner Lucigen, now part of LGC Biosearch Technologies, was founded in 1998, focusing on the development of life science research products and technologies for genetic cloning.

Lucigen products have dramatically improved DNA cloning reliability and efficiency, which has allowed researchers to successfully capture many genes that were impossible to clone using other methods. Over time, the company has evolved to include superior offerings for competent cells, protein expression, nucleic acid sequencing, and amplification.

BioCat's partner Lucigen offers the best performance, value, and convenience in competent cells for cloning and expression. Chemically Competent Cells offer an unmatched value for routine cloning, and Electrocompetent Cells provide the highest possible efficiency for difficult cloning and library construction. In addition, Lucigen has developed a variety of Competent Cells for Protein Expression with unsurpassed performance.