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Limitless Microvolume Spectroscopy Applications

Our partner Implen, a German privately owned corporation, is a leading supplier for spectroscopy instruments and consumables for the non-destructive analysis of ultra-low volume samples. The company focuses on biological, chemical, and pharmaceutical laboratories in industry and research.

Implen has a strong focus on the customer taking pride in providing quality products and a high level of customer service and is committed to developing leading edge equipment and consumables for spectroscopy applications. Understanding customers' needs and work is the source for better Implen products and to serve valued customers worldwide.

In April 2015 the 4th generation NanoPhotometer® was released as the first full line of spectrophotometers including nanovolume (N60/N50), cuvette (C40) and combined nanovolume/cuvette (NP80) models. The NanoPhotometer® product line redefines complete mobile spectroscopy with compact stand-alone operation including up to 8 hours of battery power. The NanoPhotometer® models still offer the smallest sample requirement (0.3 µl), built-in vortexer, broad dynamic range, fast scan times, and lifelong accuracy without need for maintenance or recalibration.

In April 2019 the NanoPhotometer® N120 was released. The instrument’s extremely compact and stand-alone design (20×20 cm) allows for rapid full scan analysis of up to 12 samples (2µl) at a time over a wide concentration range (2-8,000 ng/μl dsDNA). The N120 provides reliable data for the accurate determination of sample purity ratios, while reducing operational steps for the user by 33%.