Smart Tools for Cell Imaging

The mission of BioCat's partner Idylle is to help researchers smoothly try the innovative tools they want. Even if they have just been published. Even if they seem out of reach. Idylle produces the most innovative R&D tools, side by side with the researchers who design, test and use them.

A collection of innovative products and reagents to improve your cell imaging analysis is provided.

  • Actiflash - Stable Tamoxifen-like photoactivable inducer
  • Chitozen - The 1st functionalized microscope coverslip to image live bacteria
  • Everspark - Ready to use super-resolution microscopy buffer
  • Stampwell - A family of stamps to democratize the 3D culture
  • Stencell - The PDMS no-brainer solution for all micro-volume experiments, anywhere

Products / Services / Applications

    1. Cell Imaging Tools