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As an epigenetics company, Epigentek Group Inc. is the leading developer and provider of innovative technologies and products for epigenetic-related research. Founded in 2005, the company has since developed a comprehensive portfolio of proprietary products to provide complete and systematic solutions for epigenetics-related research and drug discovery.

At least three systems including DNA methylation, histone modification and non-coding RNA (ncRNA)-associated gene silencing are currently considered to initiate and sustain epigenetic change. New and ongoing research is continuously uncovering the role of epigenetics in a variety of human disorders and fatal diseases. Innovative technologies and products for epigenetic-related research developed by our partner Epigentek are offered. These unique epigenetics research tools are specifically designed to make assays much simpler, faster, more convenient, and highly more efficient than currently used methods.

Sample Preparation Kits

Benefit from rapid and efficient preparation of DNA, proteins and chromatin.

DNA Methylation Kits

Choose from a large number of kits developed for gene-specific or global DNA methylation analysis.

RNA Methylation Kits

Analyze m6A or 5-mC RNA methylation in total RNA samples isolated from cells or tissue.

Histone Modification Kits

Screen and measure up to 21 different H3 or 10 different H4 modifications in ELISA-like kits.

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation Kits

Gain further insight into the dynamic interactions between transcription proteins and components of chromatin by using chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP).


Choose from more than 20,000 high-quality antibodies which specifically recognize transcription factors and epigenetic modification-related proteins.

Next Generation Sequencing Kits

Construct high-quality NGS libraries from low quantity or difficult samples for Genomic DNA Seq, DNA Bisulfite Seq, ChIP Seq, MeDIP Seq, Post Bisulfite Seq or RNA Bisulfite Seq.

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