Cell Environment Design at Your Fingertips

BioCat’s partner Cellendes is a life science company developing comprehensive solutions for controlled design of cell environments in 3D cell culture. A toolbox of reagents provides flexibility in composing biomimetic hydrogels right at the users bench. Areas of application include basic research, drug development and biomedical engineering.

3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogel System

Cellendes' 3-D Life technology is an integrated system for the generation of biomimetic hydrogels used in 3D cell culture. It consists of two polymers that form a hydrogel by covalent crosslinking at ambient temperature. The chemical reaction is non-toxic to cells and occurs rapidly, preventing cell settlement before the gel is formed. The 3-D Life product line represents the most flexible hydrogel system for biomimetic hydrogel design, from pre-configured gels to single components for individual gel compositions.

  • Defined composition of biologically inert synthetic polymers and biopolymers
  • User-controlled biomimetic modifications (e.g. peptides, proteins)
  • Robust gel formation and handling
  • Wide range of ligand density (up to 5 mmol/l)
  • Tunable gel stiffness
  • Protease-free dissolution of gels for easy cell recovery

Products / Services / Applications

    1. 3-D Life Biomimetic Hydrogel System