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US Biomax, Inc Tissue MicroArray

US Biomax, Inc. provides human tissue microarrays, tissue sections as well as related products and services. Human tissue research plays a vital role in developing a deeper understanding of human disease processes and their underlying mechanisms.
Tissue microarrays, composed from multiple donor tumors systematically aligned within a single recipient block, allow for high-throughput molecular profiling of many tumor tissues simultaneously in a single experiment.
At the same time, the large number of available consecutive arrays enables rapid analysis of multiple molecular markers in the same set of specimens. Tissue microarrays can be used to study gene amplification and protein overexpression by DNA and RNA in situ hybridization or by immunohistochemistry. Tissue microarrays containing normal tissues are employed for antibody characterization and evaluation of tissue-specific protein expression.

Tissue microarrays designed according to the published Guidance for Submission of Immunohistochemistry Applications to the FDA are also provided.

Overview of Tissue-related Products

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