Precise and Reliable Assays

BioCat's partner AkrivisBio is a provider of research products for the life science and biotechnology industry. “Akrivis” from the Greek, meaning precise, epitomizes their purpose, Bio, their field. The AkrivisBio team believes in excellence, hard work, creativity and commitment. They are passionate about science and committed to providing valuable products, expert advice, and impeccable support.

AkrivisBio's product portfolio includes a variety of chemical, biochemical and enzyme activity assays, e.g. metabolism & oxidative stress assays or cell proliferation & toxicity assays. The assays have been designed to be easier to use, more reproducible and less expensive than those offered by others. 

Products / Services / Applications

    1. Metabolism & Oxidative Stress Assays
    1. Cell Proliferation & Cytotoxicity Assays
    1. Apoptosis Assays