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Methyl-seq Library Preparation Kits

Methyl-seq Library Preparation Kits

Sequence the 5th Base

DNA methylation is the most widely studied epigenetic modification. DNA methylation occurs mainly on cytosine bases in the CpG dinucleotide motif in mammalian genomes, and across all cytosine contexts in plant genomes. DNA methylation is often associated with the regulation of gene expression through its presence or absence in CpG Islands among gene promoter regions, and these methylation patterns can be used to identify different cell types.  

EpigenTek’s EpiNext DNA and RNA Library Preparation Kits

BioCat offers several kits for the preparation of bisulfit sequencing DNA and RNA libraries for Illumina platforms. The kits from our Partner EpigenTek are characterized by the following advantages:

  • Innovative methods
  • Fast and streamlined procedures
  • Highly sensitive and efficient
  • Extremely convenient
  • Minimal bias