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Photo- & Spectrophotometers

Implen Photo- & Spectrophotometers

Spectroscopy Instruments and Consumables for the Non-Destructive Analysis of Ultra-Low Volume Samples


The innovative and most trusted line of UV/Vis spectrophotometers.

Family of NanoPhotometers®

With the 4th generation NanoPhotometers® by Implen BioCat offers a full line of spectrophotometers including nanovolume (N60/N50), cuvette (C40) and combined nanovolume/cuvette (NP80) models. With the NanoPhotometer® N120 even a 12-channel nanovolume model is available. 

OD600 DiluPhotometer™

The OD600 DiluPhotometer™ is a small, affordable and easy to use instrument dedicated to measuring samples near the 600 nm wavelength, e.g. growth rates of bacterial or yeast cultures. Combined with Implen’s DiluCell™ 10 even measurements of low volume samples are facilitated.

Accessories for the Nano- & DiluPhotometers

There is a wide range of accessories for the NanoPhotometer Family available, including

  • IQ/OQ Package
  • CFR21 Part 11 Software
  • Warranty Extensions
  • Standard Solutions
  • DiluCell™ 10 for low volume samples