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OpenSPR Reagents & Kits

OpenSPR Reagents & Kits

We are offering a full set of Reagents & Kits. You'll find everything to make your OpenSPR experiments most successful. 

OpenSPR Immobilization Reagents

The coupling and reagent kits provide all necessary reagents and optimized buffers for effective and efficient immobilization of ligands from nicoya's sensor chips. The kits use a preconcentration technique which minimizes the amount of ligand needed to obtain sufficient immobilization levels. The blocking agent in the kits minimizes non-specific binding of the analyte.

OpenSPR Running Buffers

Running buffer is the main buffer used throughout a typical interaction experiment using surface plasmon resonance. It is the carrier of the analyte and can have significant impact on the interaction of the analyte with the ligand. Choose the running buffer that fits your experiment requirements best. All running buffers are degassed and ready-to-use.

SPR Regeneration Buffers

Regeneration buffer is used in label-free surface plasmon resonance (SPR) analysis to quickly reverse the interaction between the analyte and ligand, allowing the functionalized sensor surface to be used again. Regeneration buffer conditions must be optimized in order to effectively remove the analyte without damaging the ligand. The regeneration optimization kit includes small quantities of available regeneration buffers to determine the SPR regeneration buffer to be used.

OpenSPR Additives and Blockers

Addtives and blockers are used to saturate reamining free binding sites on the sensor surface to avoid unspecific binding events reducing data quality.