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Alto Cartridges

Alto Cartridges

Optimize easily with Alto Cartridges - the first ever SPR sensor integrated with fluidics

Alto Cartridges for the Alto 16-Channel SPR instrument have completely revolutionized the interaction of fluidics and sensors for SPR. A Cartridge is a well-plate sized consumable that integrates reagent/sample storage, fluid handling, and sensor surfaces. Samples, buffers and reagents are contained in wells on the cartridge, and dispensed towards the sensor in software-controlled nanodroplets. Precise volumes and automated serially diluted concentrations interface with a fiber optic sensor tip, manufactured with the same quality and consistency (<2% CV) as Nicoya's well established localized SPR sensors (OpenSPR).

Surface Chemistries

Alto Cartridges can be functionalized with capture kits to offer a wide variety of functional surface chemistries to reduce the time and effort needed for immobilization, while ensuring high repeatability.