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CRISPRa Gene Activation Constructs

Genome-wide CRISPRa Gene Activation

Human, Mouse and Rat CRISPRa Gene Activation Constructs

CRISPR Activation (CRISPRa) allows for gene specific up-regulation by using dCas9-VPR. This fusion protein consists of the catalytically dead Cas9 (dCas9) enzyme fused to the tripartite transcriptional activator complex VPR (VP64, p65 and Rta) in dCas9-VPR. sgRNAs are designed to target and guide dCas9-VPR to the upstream 5' UTR promoter region of a specific gene thereby resulting in transcriptional up-regulation. 

  • Comprehensive collection of gene activation sgRNAs in pLenti-U6-sgRNA-PGK-Neo
  • Targets include all human, mouse and rat genes
  • Available in a set of 3 sgRNA vectors for added assurance of efficient gene activation
  • Designed to be used with dCas9-VPR (e.g. pLenti-SFFV-dCas9-VPR)
  • Lentiviral delivery results in host integration of DNA, leading to long-term gene expression
  • Lentiviral vectors can be transfected for non-integrating, transient sgRNA expression


Plenti U6 Sgrna Pgk Neo


The CRISPRa Gene Activation Constructs come as a set of three sgRNA targets which are designed to be used with dCas9-VPR (pLenti-SFFV-dCas9-VPR). When paired together, the sgRNAs guide dCas9-VPR to the 5’ UTR of the target gene resulting in transcriptional upregulation.


Plenti Sffv Dcas9 Vpr

pLenti-SFFV-dCas9-VPR (Cat. No. K097-ABM) needs to be purchased separately.