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RNA/DNA Methylation Dot Blot Assays

Dot Blot Assays for RNA/DNA Methylation Detection

Simply and rapidly detect m6A, m5C, m7G or m1A

RayBiotech's dot blot assays provide a simple and rapid method of quantifying the levels of global methylations in RNA/DNA, urine, serum, plasma, or other nucleic samples collected from humans, rats, and mice.

  • Highly sensitive and specific
  • Requires minimal sample preparation
  • No specialty equipment required
  • Convenient for high-throughput screening in large-scale studies
  • ≥ 48 samples could be detected by 1 kit

The RayBio® Dot Blot Kits are in vitro semi-quantitative assays for detecting m6A, m5C, m7G or m1A. The samples including the respective nucleic acid are directly spotted onto a nitrocellulose (NC) membrane.

How it Works

Rna Dna Meth Dot Blot Assays How It Works

Graphical representation of m6A quantification by dot blot assay.